The Rugby World Cup 2019 in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Don’t Miss A Single Game

The Rugby World Cup brings together the best national teams from the sport of rugby union to determine who really is the best.

And, we will be showing all of the action live at the bar! Come on in to support your favorite rugby team and cheer them on to victory.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 tournament will kick off with the hosts: Japan. Japan will be taking on Russia in Tokyo while the final will be held in Yokohama a grueling six weeks later.

How Can I watch the Rugby World Cup 2019?

All matches at the 2019 Rugby World Cup will be broadcast live at our Sports Bar in Siem Reap. We have five TV’s and air conditioning inside and a 2.5 meter-wide projector screen outdoors. It’s the perfect spot to watch rugby, whether you’re alone or with friends!

The exact details of each Rugby World Cup match will be announced near their respective dates on our Facebook page.

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Rugby World Cup 2019 in Siem Reap

Rugby World Cup 2019 Full Schedule

Here’s the complete RWC 2019 schedule. We have the dates and times set to our local Siem Reap time zone: GMT +7.

RWC 2019 Pool Matches

Fri, 20 Sep Japan v Russia Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 17:45
Sat, 21 Sep Australia v Fiji Sapporo Dome, Sapporo 11:45
Sat, 21 Sep France v Argentina Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 14:15
Sat, 21 Sep New Zealand v South Africa International Stadium Yokohama 16:45
Sun, 22 Sep Italy v Namibia Hanazono Rugby Stadium 12:15
Sun, 22 Sep Ireland v Scotland International Stadium Yokohama 14:45
Sun, 22 Sep England v Tonga Sapporo Dome, Sapporo 17:15
Mon, 23 Sep Wales v Georgia City of Toyota Stadium 17:15
Tue, 24 Sep Russia v Samoa Kumagaya Rugby Stadium 17:15
Wed, 25 Sep Fiji v Uruguay Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium 12:15
Thu, 26 Sep Italy v Canada Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium 14:45
Thu, 26 Sep England v USA Kobe Misaki Stadium 17:45
Sat, 28 Sep Argentina v Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium 11:45
Sat, 28 Sep Japan v Ireland Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa 14:15
Sat, 28 Sep South Africa v Namibia City of Toyota Stadium 16:45
Sun, 29 Sep Georgia v Uruguay Kumagaya Rugby Stadium 12:15
Sun, 29 Sep Australia v Wales Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 14:45
Mon, 30 Sep Scotland v Samoa Kobe Misaki Stadium 17:15
Wed, 02 Oct France v USA Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium 14:45
Wed, 02 Oct New Zealand v Canada Oita Stadium 17:15
Thu, 03 Oct Georgia v Fiji Hanazono Rugby Stadium 12:15
Thu, 03 Oct Ireland v Russia Kobe Misaki Stadium 17:15
Fri, 04 Oct South Africa v Italy Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa 16:45
Sat, 05 Oct Australia v Uruguay Oita Stadium 12:15
Sat, 05 Oct England v Argentina Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 15:00
Sat, 05 Oct Japan v Samoa City of Toyota Stadium 17:30
Sun, 06 Oct New Zealand v Namibia Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 11:45
Sun, 06 Oct France v Tonga Kumamoto Stadium 14:45
Tue, 08 Oct South Africa v Canada Kobe Misaki Stadium 17:15
Wed, 09 Oct Argentina v USA Kumagaya Rugby Stadium 11:45
Wed, 09 Oct Scotland v Russia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa 14:15
Wed, 09 Oct Wales v Fiji Oita Stadium 16:45
Fri, 11 Oct Australia v Georgia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa 17:15
Sat, 12 Oct New Zealand v Italy City of Toyota Stadium 11:45
Sat, 12 Oct England v France International Stadium Yokohama 15:15
Sat, 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium 17:45
Sun, 13 Oct Namibia v Canada Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium 10:15
Sun, 13 Oct USA v Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium 12:45
Sun, 13 Oct Wales v Uruguay Kumamoto Stadium 15:15
Sun, 13 Oct Japan v Scotland International Stadium Yokohama 17:45

RWC 2019 Quarter Finals

Sat, 19 Oct
Winner Pool C v Runner Up Pool D
Oita Stadium 14:15
Sat, 19 Oct Winner Pool B v Runner Up Pool A Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 17:15
Sun, 20 Oct Winner Pool D v Runner Up Pool C Oita Stadium 14:15
Sun, 20 Oct Winner Pool A v Runner Up Pool B Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 17:15

RWC 2019 Semi-Finals

Sat, 26 Oct QF Winner 1 v QF Winner 2 International Stadium Yokohama 15:00
Sun, 27 Oct QF Winner 3 v QF Winner 4 International Stadium Yokohama 16:00

RWC 2019 Bronze

Fri, 1 Nov Loser SF 1 v Loser SF 2 Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo 16:00


Sat, 2 Nov Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2 International Stadium Yokohama 16:00