Calling all eSports Legends — the FIFA 20 official gameplay trailer is out!

Watch: FIFA 20 Official Gameplay Trailer

Let’s get straight to business. Here’s the trailer.

EA says that FIFA 20 brings the game to the next level: Experience Football Intelligence.

They claim that you will have more control over the ball and decisive moments. A new aiming mechanic and ball motion system will give you more creativity plus new shot trajectories.

FIFA 20 Coming Soon to the Arena

All of us at the Arena are excited to play FIFA 20 with you FIFA fans.

In the meantime, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 are available for everyone on our Playstation 4. Come on in, bring your friends, challege Seb 🙂 , and see who is champion!

We have some fun gaming events and tournaments in the works. How does FIFA Fridays sound?

Stay tuned for more on our upcoming gaming tournaments and share your ideas below!