2019 Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams Overview

Hey Sports Legends, are you excited? The 2019 Super Bowl 53 is only a few days away. I can’t wait to see who will achieve sweet sweet victory at the biggest game of the year. Be sure to catch all the action live in the Arena on Monday, Feb 4.

Super Bowl Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
NFL Teams:> New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams
Kickoff Time: Sunday, Feb 3 @ 6:30 pm ET / Monday, Feb 4 @ 6:30 am ICT
Odds: Patriots + 2.5
National Anthem: Gladys Knight
Halftime Performance: Maroon 5

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ll break down everything you need to know about Super Bowl 53 in a minute. First, I need to answer the crucial question of, “Where to watch the Super Bowl in Siem Reap, Cambodia?”.

Get some well-deserved rest Sunday night, wake up bright and early, and enter into the Sport Legends Arena for the best place to watch the Super Bowl (at 6:00 am 🙂 ).

I’ll leave the entertainment to the Patriots and the Rams and have my legendary bar team focus on waking you up right.

We’re preparing a massive, and delicious, breakfast buffet that will satisfy the most serious sports fans. A strong brew is a lifesaver that early in the morning and we have three. Choose from coffee, tea, or an ice cold beer 😛

We want to prepare enough food for everyone, so let us know if you’ll be making an appearance in the Arena.

When is the 2019 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 53 will take place on Sunday, Feb 3 with kickoff at 6:30 pm ET.

For us sports fans in Cambodia, the timeframe moves to Monday, Feb 4 with kickoff at 6:30 am ICT.

However, expect the game to actually start closer to 7 pm after the national anthem and pregame program.

Where will the 2019 Super Bowl be played?

The 2019 Super Bowl LIII (Super Bowl 53) will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium down in Atlanta. The best way to inaugurate a brand new stadium is, of course, by hosting the Super Bowl.

The football fans making their way to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will enjoy a retractable roof, huge screens, beautiful lounges, a football-field length bar, and stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline.

Just take a look at this badass stadium.

This big boy seats up to 80,000 people and cost $1.5 billion to build! Honestly, this stadium is like nothing else ever seen in the NFL and looks like a giant metal origami structure.

Who will play in the 2019 Super Bowl?

It’s the classic story of old versus new during Super Bowl 53 as Bill Belichick, New England Patriots, is aiming to be the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl. On the other side, we have Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams, looking to become the youngest. The two quarterbacks, Jared Goff (24) and Tom Brady (41), have a 17 year age difference!

“The 17-year age difference is almost surely the largest of any Super Bowl in history. After all, there’s only been one 40-plus-year-old quarterback to start a Super Bowl. It was Brady, last year.” — Jared Dubin

Both the Patriots and the Rams will bring tons of exciting elements to the game and the odds are extremely close.

The Patriots, now 5—3 since Brady took over as quarterback, will be looking for their sixth title. This will be their third straight Super Bowl which shows the team’s experience. The Rams haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since Tom Brady’s first title win against them in 2002.

Seventeen years later, the Patriots are now back with the same coach and quarterback while the Rams have a completely different roster, coaching staff, and even city. They’ve moved from St Louis, Missouri to Los Angeles, California.

With another Super bowl win, the New England Patriots will tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins (six).

As of now, the Patriots are tied with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with five Super Bowl championships.

Super Bowl 2019 Odds

The Patriots immediately opened as underdogs before the market quickly corrected that mistake. The Patriots are now favored by 2.5 points.

What do you think? Willing to make any bets? Share with everyone over on our Facebook event or in the comments below.

By the way, I’m rooting for the Patriots.

Who’s singing the national anthem at the 2019 Super Bowl?

The seven-time Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight has been chosen to sing the national anthem and the R&B duo Chloe x Halle will perform “America the Beautiful” at Super Bowl 53.

They will be joined by Aarron Loggins who will perform the signing of the national anthem and “America the Beautiful”.

The 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Maroon 5 will be the headlining performers during the Super Bowl 53 halftime show. The group will be joined by rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Maroon 5 wasn’t the NFL’s first pick. It’s been reported that Rihanna and Cardi B, among others, have rejected invitations in a show of solidarity with Kaepernick.

The halftime show has been covered with controversy thanks to Kaepernick’s entitled decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

Some entertainers have said social injustice needs to be addressed during the Super Bowl and have refused to perform during the biggest game of the year. It’s their loss.

Anyway, check out Maroon 5’s halftime performance teaser video. Pay close attention to 0:32!

The Spongebob reference has sparked a bunch of fun talk online. We all know that there will be one winner but will there be a sweet victory??

By sweet victory, I mean this one.

Now, isn’t that a kickback to your childhood?

There’s actually a rather high demand for the song to be played, as over one million people have actually signed a Change.org petition requesting it to be included.

What could be even more interesting than that?

Well, Rodger Bumpass, the voice actor behind Squidward, announced that he will be recording a short piece for the Super Bowl because Squidward will be introducing the halftime entertainment. Hmmm …

I’ll do my best to continue updating this post to keep all you Siem Reap sports fans in the loop. And, I expect to see you all Monday morning, in the Arena.